We started this Vintage Volkswagen Models and Toys web site several years ago. It was our intent and vision to gather our information and to share our information with other enthusiasts. Since its creation, this site has grown so much with valuable information and photos. That information and photos can be accessed in seconds with any computer and/or smart devices over the Internet!

The reason the site has grown so much with the valuable information and photos is due to the collectors, members, friends, and other interest collectors have taken the time to contact us will their contribution to the web site!

We are very grateful for your contributions and efforts to keep us most informed and up to date!

With that said, we have a listing with those whose have made a contribution to the site, small or large, even a model photo with a color variation or rubber instead of steel wheels. We really appreciate your input!

This is a list of contrubutors:

  • Michael Berg
  • Rick Search
  • Tine Dhoore
  • Bob LaPorte
  • GreG Carr
  • Bruce Hartley
  • John Cekander
  • Bill Rauskolb
  • Oliver Mueller-Heubach
  • Elmar Hoffman
  • Michael Fauser
  • Jim McLachlan
  • Dave McKinney
  • Ivan Sterling
  • Jürgen Egert
  • Michael Körber
  • Alexander Storz
  • Hans Dieter Gorziza
  • Andreas V. Finch
  • Claus Ahlers
  • Michael Marter
  • Andreas Holzinger
  • Johannes Schwörzer
  • Claus Ahlers
  • Volker Herder
  • Kurt Richter
  • Patrick Baptist
  • Christian Boeker

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