About Vintagevolkswagenmodels.com

Who is the webmaster?
At this moment, Jozsi Toth and Robert Gilmore are the creators, Webmasters, and Administrators for vintagevolkswagenmodels.com.

How is vintagevolkswagenmodels.com funded?
The site is fully independent and paid for by the creators. Maybe in future we will allow for Banner Ads, but we have not yet decided to do so.  We plan to keep the site free to VW model enthusiasts.

Will vintagevolkswagenmodels.com sell my personal information?
No, we do not sell any personal information and will never do so.

What about copyright issues?
Please look under the copyright tab at the bottom of the homepage.

Login and Registration Issues

How do I change my username?
Contact us to make this change to your account.

How do I change my email address in my account?
After login go to "My Account" option in top menu.

Why can't I log in?
You must be registered and enter your correct username and password to log in.

Why do I need to register at all?
You are not required to register to view the site. However, you must be registered to post comments and give input. This helps prevent abuse, and registration is free!

I can't remember my password, what do I do?
Go to the login page and click I've forgotten my password.

I can't remember my username, what do I do?
Go to the login page and click I've forgotten my username.

How long does it take before my application for membership is accepted?
This is done manually, because we want to avoid spy bots, etc. to collect email addresses of our members. Therefore, it may take a few days… sorry…. We however try to do this within a day!

I registered, why can't I log in?
After receiving your registration request, administrators manually activate your account. You should receive notification mail on both your request and activation actions and afterwards you can login using credentials you entered upon registration. Activation might take some time due to waiting for administrators approval. Please check if you are using the correct username and password first. If you still can not login, or activation mail not received, please contact us via Contact page.


How Things Work

I can't find (……….) on the site, where is it?
There is a navigation bar at the top of the site. There are/ will be several main sections: Home, split window beetle, oval window beetle, cabrio, buses, restor versions, etc. Clicking on a main section will lead you to all info regarding that section or use the SEARCH bar located at the right top part under the Home tab.

Why didn't you respond to my email/pictures?
If you have sent us information and/or pictures and we haven't gotten back to you, that most likely indicates that either your return email address was invalid or that we haven’t had the time to review it yet. Please check your Return-To address in your email program and resend your note(s) to us, if applicable. Otherwise, we will back to you soon!

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