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Misc (35)

If you want to see our Misc Volkswagen items, please choose one of the manufacturers from the drop list on the right. Below you can read more about Misc category of VW items.

Welcome! This site is online since 2009 and of course featuring the Vintage Volkswagen Models and Toys. We appreciate all your interests, support and contributions! Many Thanks!

misc02So, with that said, over the years we have come across other Vintage VW items of the same era featured on the site that are not really models and toys. The items could be in the form of drawings, paintings, toy box covers, KdF Savers banks, colorful brochure covers or even on a child’s paint book. We would like to have, feature and show those special Vintage VW items in this Misc (MS) miscellaneous category. Please check out this new Misc (MS) category and let us know your response via the Forum section on this site.


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