In 1793, the company Josef Scholz was established in Wiesbaden (Germany). Initially they sold stationary products and later they became a publishing company. In 1829 they moved to Mainz (Germany). The company was in 1840 one of the first publishers of children books, colouring books, paper model sheets, etc. See also the picture of a KdF childrensbook cover. In the 1970's the company was sold to several publishers and as from 1984 it finally was incorporated in Schneider Publishers.

Blue construction paper model of the KdF Wagen, designed by Bernhard Wolf for Josef Scholz publishers. It consisted of a construction paper sheet with number 9117 measuring 33cm x 41cm and needed to be cut out and glued together to construct a KdF Wagen. They are extremely hard to find, as they were constructed back in the 30's and 40's and did not survive. The model came with a sheet of paper with instructions how to build the model. It is interesting to note that on the instruction sheet it is mentioned that the builder can experience the model already before the actual model would come into possession of the Volkswagen saver. In the late 30's and in the early 40's, future owners of a KdF Wagen needed to save 5 Reichsmark per week in order to save for the real deal! 

  • Manufacturer: SCHOLZ
  • Scale: 1/21
  • Length: 196mm
  • Production Era: 1938-1943
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Paper
  • Color: Blue

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