ANGUPLAS was founded by Jorge Angusto Amillach in Spain in 1958. ANGUPLAS produced many 1:87 car models and building kits. Many were designed by themselves, but they also used molds of companies like Norev. Famous is the Mini cars series of Anguplas; the molds were later acquired by EKO and they kept producing these toys for many years.

The Oval Window VW was included in the MINI CARS set. The plastic VW body came with cut out windows and fair details of front and rear hood, door seams and rear oval window with air louvers. Clear plastic window insert and the chassis molded in plastic and later released with a shiny, heavier metal chassis. Both type chassis are stamped MINI CARS – VOLKSWAGEN. Slight variations have been noted such as different colored wheels, hubcaps, painted air louvers and rear license plate.

Also, the company PLASTICOS GACELA produced a copy of the ANGUPLAS Oval VW as well. Please reference on the site: PLASTICOS GACELA MINI CARS OVAL VW for additional information.

  • Manufacturer: ANGUPLAS
  • Scale: 1/84
  • Length: 48mm
  • Production Era: Early 1960s
  • Country: Spain
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Color: Blue, Red, White, Grey, Turquoise, Yellow

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