Plastic body with cut out windows and a red plastic driver. Black plastic chassis with an “X” molding mark and stamped LEHA. Plastic bumpers and a friction motor. Red as well as black rubbers wheels were used. There were 2 different chassis variations: one covered the friction motor completely, the other showed the gear wheel. LEHA was part of a group of toy manufacturers who joined forces and cooperated in a Bulgarian State Economic Group "ДСО МЛАДОСТ” or "DSO Mladost". There are similarities between the LEHA and the former East German LORENZ VW. It is strictly spoken not a copy of the LORENZ Oval Window VW Sedan, but it sure was used as an example.

  • Manufacturer: LEHA
  • Scale: 1/21
  • Length: 190mm
  • Production Era: late 1950s
  • Country: Bulgaria
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Color: Turquoise, Yellow, Red, Salmon, Green, Blue

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