The constructed Oval Window Volkswagen model was made by a professional toy modeler in the late 1950s, most probably a very early release of LS models. LS manufactured model kits of cars, planes, motorbikes and guns from the 1950's (??) until their bankrupcy in 1992. As from the 1960's on, they produced primarily plastic models.

The Oval Window VW model was made of wood and the modeler measured the dimension of the original Volkswagen Sedan and made the wooden parts and reproduced them accurately. The model measures 185mm (L) X 67mm (W) X 90mm (H). Wooden tires painted black with silver painted hub caps on wooden axles attach to the chassis. The VW model was produced in numbers to make it a limited production release. The VW model came in two different style cardboard boxes with a colorful VW design on the box cover of each style box. Although the boxes mention a 1/20 scale, it actually is 1/22. There is an insignia of the manufacturer on the boxes and also on the VW model with the letters LS inside a circle.

  • Manufacturer: LS
  • Scale: 1/22
  • Length: 185mm
  • Production Era: Late 1950s
  • Country: Japan
  • Materials: Wood Painted
  • Color: Blue

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