MASUDAYA founded in 1928, Japan, was the manufacturer of this Volkswagen Oval Window toy. It was a better idea after the post war period to market the Japanese MASUDAYA toys in the USA under the name of MODERN TOYS. The VW has a tin body with cut out windows and very good details of front and rear hood, door seams and oval window. The air louvers under the oval window are also punched out. Tin body trim parts include headlights, front hood strip, windshield, rear oval window, license plate light (later discarded) and taillights.  One version also featured body trim at the sides. Tin chassis was equipped with a friction motor with a clack sound drum or an electric motor. Tin bumpers (later versions with US style bumpers) and rubber tires with hubcaps. Chassis with or without the MODERN TOYS logo.

Volkswagenwerks made changes to the VW Beetle over the years. Such as the oval rear window was made larger and more a rectangle shape. MASUDAYA also made this rear window change in the tin VW as well.

  • Manufacturer: MASUDAYA
  • Scale: 1/21
  • Length: 195mm
  • Production Era: 1956-1960
  • Country: Japan
  • Materials: Tin Plate
  • Color: Red, Tan, Blue, Green, Dark Green, Yellow, Black, Brown, Grey

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