Diecast metal body with cut out windows and good details of front and rear hood, door seams and rear oval window with air louvers. Often found with a chassis molded in black plastic stamped Made in US Zone. Also found with or without the chassis and wheels (body only). The earliest release ovals had -like the splits- a metal baseplate. On some ovals models it is visible that the split window bar is removed (by Sweering), the majority however already had the regular oval window. Although made in the mid 1950s in Holland by the Aluminiumfabriek Vaassen (NL)  by order of mr. Sweering, the plastic chassis had the US Zone - Germany stamp to falsely promote the quality of the product of that time period. The SWEERING was first released as a Split Window VW with less than a handful produced. It had a tin chassis, with metal axles and rims, rubber tires, and was riveted to the body. Also, about 100 of those Sweering models were discovered in 2009, restored and sold with fantasy boxes.

  • Manufacturer: SWEERING
  • Scale: 1/47
  • Length: 86mm
  • Production Era: Mid 1950s
  • Country: Holland
  • Materials: Diecast Metal
  • Color: Red, Blue, Copper, Green, Dark Green, Beige, Metallic Brown
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