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The porcelain factory F. & W. Goebel  was founded in 1871 in Oeslau-Wilhelmsfeld by mr. Franz Detleff Goebel and his son William Goebel.  The company is famous for their Hummel figurines; for many years Goebel has been known as the “Hummelwerk“. They produced many different products, among which many different coinbanks.

The model is a savings bank with the coin slot on the middle of the roof. Underneath the car was the opening to open the savings box. It seems that the mold for the savings box consisted of 2 parts as can be seen on the seam on the roof and the front if the car. Blue/grey color and the windows, the headlights and the licenseplates were colored white. The frontwindow features the windowwipers.

  • Manufacturer: GOEBEL
  • Scale: 1/27
  • Length: 152mm
  • Production Era: 1938-1943
  • Country: Germany REF24
  • Materials: Ceramic / porcelain
  • Color: blue/grey

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