In 1904 Christian Hausser and his sons Max and Otto founded the HAUSSER company, although it initially was named Müller & Freyer. Starting from 1912 the company was renamed into O&M Hausser. They carried the trade name Elastolin. In the 1930's the company moved to Neustadt bei Coburg. Like all toy producers, they had to stop production in 1943 by order of the NAZI regime and started again in 1947.

One piece solid ceramic VWs with wheels and very little body detailing. Used as game pieces (6) in the board game DEIN KdF WAGEN. The box art showed a blue gray KdF rising over a hill behind a tree. The game board was very colorful and showed the various stages of production of the car as well as some local landmarks in and around Stadt des KdF Wagens. The KdF Game board was produced in two different sizes with different item numbers: 150/4 for the largest version and 150/ 2 1/2 for the smaller version. The measures of the large box are 46,5 cm x 36 cm, the large game plan measures 82 cm x 45 cm. The measures of the small box are 39 cm x 27,5 cm, the small game plan measures 55 cm x 37 cm. The early postwar version was the large version, but had a VW sticker covering up the KdF name on the cover artwork.

In the Oval Window VW era in the early fifties, the game was redesigned and renamed into DEIN VOLKSWAGEN. The artwork of the box as well as the game plan changed considerably. The game pieces initially remained identical to the KdF versions but later versions featured plastic game pieces.

  • Manufacturer: HAUSSER
  • Scale: 1/107
  • Length: 38mm
  • Production Era: 1938-45
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Ceramic
  • Color: Black, Blue, Pink, Green, Brown, Yellow

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