In 1904 Christian Hausser and his sons Max and Otto founded the HAUSSER Company, although it initially was named Müller & Freyer. Starting from 1912 the Company was renamed into O&M HAUSSER. They carried the trade name Elastolin. In the 1930's the Company moved to Neustadt bei Coburg, Germany. Like all toy producers, they had to stop production in 1943 by order of the NAZI regime and started again in 1947.

HAUSSER produced this KdF Wagen model design with good details. It is a one-piece hollow clay moulding with solid windows and incorporating bumpers, headlights and wiper blades on the windshield. Metal wheels on metal axles are inserted through holes in the clay baseplate. The baseplate is raised with a clay medallion with the HAUSSER logo. There are three known to exist and are believed to have been made as a prototype. A red model has silver highlighting on the windows, bumpers, lights, window wipers, door hinges and door handles. The third model is owned by an unknown German collector and little is known about its condition. The ivory and the red models were initially bought by a German toy dealer when the HAUSSER factory was cleared.

  • Manufacturer: HAUSSER
  • Scale: 1/37
  • Length: 110mm
  • Production Era: 1940s
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Clay
  • Color: White, Red

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