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In 1903 the Company GEORG FISCHER was founded. They mainly produced small toys and cars with and without clockwork motor. Ceased to exist in 1958.

The tin plate body featured a detailed lithograph design of a split Window VW with pin striping. The striping detailed out the doors, roof seams, front and rear deck lids, front hood and door handles. The stripping added additional details of the windows, headlights, taillights, front and rear bumpers. The white license plate frame has “GF209” and “MADE IN US ZONE - GERMANY” along the running boards. All versions (including the metallic blue version) came with friction motor or without motor, with tin wheels and (towards the end) with plastic wheels. The tinplate chassis was attached to the body with four metal tabs. Recently a formerly unknown colorvariation (metallic red) surfaced.

2012, several formerly unknown variations surfaced, partly belonging to the Michael Seidel Game Autoroad 1001. See also the TCO TIPPCO TIPP&CO US ZONE SPLIT VW SMALL SCALE V2 listing as MS also used Tippco splits for their game.

Also some other variations with unknown lithography and license numbers of GF117, GF139, GF221, GF241 and GF250 have surfaced as well. Please note that it might very well be possible that these conversions are NOT original. In the last years several of those conversions showed up and it was clear that some of those were recent conversions.

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: GF GEORG FISCHER
  • Scale: 1/44
  • Length: 92mm
  • Production Era: 1947-51
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Tin Plate
  • Color: Metallic Blue, Metallic Red, Brown/Cream, Two-Tone Blue, Two-Tone Green
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