The 1939 Internationale Automobil und Motorrad Ausstellung (IAMA) was held in Berlin from 17 February through 5 March. Also known as the Berlin Auto Show. At the show, several of the KdF Wagens were featured and on display for public viewing.

The JGES MEIN KdF WAGEN was developed for the Berlin Auto Show, in two different boxes and had a KdF Wagen with a trailer, signs and flags. Probably not to be available for the Berlin Auto Show, but to recreate the feeling or memorable event to young kids when acquiring the boxes.These little KdF Wagen toy sets would have made a wonderful souvenir.

For further detailed information on the JGES KdF WAGENS in general, please refer to the main JGES MEIN KdF WAGEN VW on this site.


  • Manufacturer: JGES
  • Scale: 1/75
  • Length: 54mm
  • Production Era: 1939
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Bakelite (Phenoplast)
  • Color: Black

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