This version of the JGES MEIN KdF WAGEN is basically the same as the regular version with the exception that this set was created as a KdF Wagen Versuchswagen (test or experimental car). The front license plate that was part of the bumper was rectangle with the lettering Versuchswagen and the rear license plate had KdF. There was a dab of white paint for the headlights and some but not all had red paint for the taillights.  The set was also available in the six basic colors as well.

Another similar KdF Wagen Versuchswagen set was also produced with the same six KdF Wagens but they had a tow bar as part of the rear bumper. The box had printed “mit Anhängerkupplung” (with tow bar).

For further detailed information on the JGES KdF WAGENS in general, please refer to the main JGES MEIN KdF WAGEN VW on this site.


  • Manufacturer: JGES
  • Scale: 1/75
  • Length: 54mm
  • Production Era: 1938-40
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Bakelite (Phenoplast)
  • Color: Yellow-Cream, Black, Leather-brown, Dark-Brown, Coffee-Brown, Grey

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