MIRIM was founded in 1950 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, by Daniel Scolnic as the leading manufacturer of model trains (initially), but also plastic toys, balls, household appliances and plastic flowers. The MIRIM name was in 1952 changed into ATMA PAULISTA S.A. They produced in the 1950’s the toys for ESTRELA, and also other manufacturers. They also had their own brands, like MIRIM and ATMA. Due to increased competition and a devastating fire that destroyed the production facilities, the company ceased to exist in 1995.

A somewhat crude soft plastic body with cut out windows, molded bumpers, headlights and taillights.  No chassis and the inside body roof is molded 3002, MIRIM, MARCA REGIST, IND. BRAS. Black plastic wheels on metal axles attach to the body pillars.

Apart from the Split Window Beetle, several other types of car brands were also produced.

  • Manufacturer: MIRIM
  • Scale: 1/54
  • Length: 75mm
  • Production Era: 1950 -1952
  • Country: Brazil
  • Materials: Soft Plastic
  • Color: Turquoise

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