A one-piece blue tinted glass KdF Wagen era game piece with outlines of the front hood, windshield, side windows, door seams, headlights and a crescent shaped rear window. Since the glass game piece was flat on the bottom to move on the game board, there were fender skirts and no wheels per say. Inside the glass body was recessed.

The glass KdF Wagen game piece was for a traffic board playing set (VERKEHRSERZIEHUNGSSPIEL) along with 3 other glass vehicles, being 2 motorcycles and 1 pick-up truck. The KdF Wagen and the pick-up truck featured some thin white painted lines, emphasizing the lines of both vehicles. Over the years, the white painted lines usually wore off of the glass vehicles.

  • Manufacturer: O. RITTER
  • Scale: 1/184
  • Length: 22mm
  • Production Era: 1938-43
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Glass
  • Color: Blue Tinted Glass

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