This model was produced by the firm of D. G. Todd & Co Ltd (brandname: RODNOID), but commissioned by CODEG (Cowan de Groot). D. G. Todd & Co Ltd was founded shortly after WW2 in Southport and used until 1948 the logo and trademark ‘Rodnoid’. When trying to register Rodnoid as their trademark the company found that it too closely resembled another, and instead adopted the trademark and logo ‘Roddy’, which was registered in 1948. Cowan de Groot Ltd. was founded in 1919 by S.D. Cowan and A. de Groot. They were a wholesaler and importer of early tin-plate toys from Germany and Japan, but also had toys manufactured for them by other British companies. They launched these products with the names Codeg, Codegetto or Edco.

We assume that Cowan de Groot Ltd. commissioned the Volkswagen Beetle toy in 1947 -1948 to D. G. Todd & Co Ltd and the result is what we currently refer to as the RODNOID split beetle. On the box of this toy, the trademarks RODNOID and CODEG are both mentioned. By using the trademark RODNOID, the toy should be dated pre-1948.

It is interesting to notice that at least 2 variations of the box exist; a red and a blue version. The box features a Volkswagen Split Window Beetle and a Lincoln Business-Coupé 1940/41. Most probably Rodnoid only produced these 2 cars and used the same box for both makes. Also interesting is to notice that the blue box showed that the toy was made by the firm of D. G. Todd & Co Ltd, whereas the red box mentions the brandname CODEG and MADE IN ENGLAND without reference to the maker.

Plastic body with a shallow relief solid windows and details. The tin plate chassis has a crisscross indentation and attaches to the body with six metal tabs. Plastic wheels on metal axles and the body had a similar shape to the PRÄMETA VW. Probably the very first VW toy produced outside Germany.

  • Manufacturer: RODNOID
  • Scale: 1/37
  • Length: 109mm
  • Production Era: 1947-48
  • Country: England
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Color: Ivory, Maroon, Blue, Green, Pink, Black, Red, Grey, Orange

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