J.F.SCHREIBER (JFS) was founded in 1831 by Jakob Ferdinand Schreiber and is located in Esslingen am Neckar in Germany. JFS first produced printed sceneries of Esslingen und its surroundings. Followed by picture books, religious books and natural science books. The Company flourished and from 1840 they issued children’s books also. In the early 1900’s they issued paper cut out models for planes, dolls, boats and cars. In 1939 they issued the KdF Wagen in red and blue color. The Company still exists and mainly produces children’s books as  Esslinger Verlag J. F. Schreiber GmbH.

Red or blue construction paper model of the KdF Wagen, designed by Gerd Lohmer for JFS. It consisted of a construction paper sheet with number 798 measuring 36cm x 43cm and needed to be cut out and glued together to construct a KdF Wagen. Originals are very hard to find, but there exists a contemporary copy of the blue version, issued by the AUE-Verlag in Germany, but numbered 617.

  • Manufacturer: SCHREIBER
  • Scale: 1/20
  • Length: 202mm
  • Production Era: 1938-43
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Construction Paper
  • Color: Blue, Red

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