TIPP & CO. was founded in 1912 in Nürnberg, Germany by Mr. Carstens and Mrs. Tipp. In the 1930's the owners had to flee Germany and the company was confiscated. Only in 1949 the company was given back to its legal owners and the rebuilding of the factory, destroyed in the war began.

Nice looking KdF Wagen era lithographed tinplate body with details of windows with people’s faces, headlights and taillights. Tin chassis with clockwerk motor and metal button wheels. This car was used in a TIPPCO track set and the hole on the rear fender for a gas pump nozzle in the track set.

In the late 1930s, TIPPCO introduced the REICHSAUTOBAHN. This came in 2 versions.  One set featured windup motor cars and another more seldom version featured cars moved by electricity. The latter was called the ELEKTRO-AUTOBAHN. This set featured several track sections and a bridge that could be assembled into an autobahn roadway system. There was an electric transformer that provided low voltage electricity to an ESSO tankstelle. The wires from the tankstelle connected to the autobahn track roadway. There were several different TIPPCO cars with electric motors that could be driven on the autobahn tracks but only two cars at a time. There were four speeds available and was controlled with a slide switch on the back of the tankstelle. One of the vehicles, which was to be ordered separately as it was not standard in the set, was a KdF Wagen similar to the clockwerk motor version but with an electric motor. The chassis was also different in that it had better wheels and a slider to pick up the track voltage for the motor.

TIPP&CO is also known as TIPPCO or TCO (the company insignia) in the toy industry as well.

The TIPPCO - TCO company bought clockwerk motors, wheels, etc. for their toys from the company Paul Weiss Laufwerk Fabrik, also located in Nürnberg, Germany. Paul Weiss Laufwerk Fabrik existed from 1919 until 1969 and produced parts for tin toys as well as clockwork motors for many manufacturers. The Paul Weiss company logo was a multi-pointed star with P.W. in the star center.

  • Manufacturer: TCO TIPP & COMPANY
  • Scale: 1/44
  • Length: 93mm
  • Production Era: 1938-43
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Tin Lithoplate
  • Color: KdF Blue/Grey

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