A resin model made by using the original tooling (body only) of the large and heavy aluminum KdF casting with cut out windows.

The tooling was found in the 1980’s on a Hamburg, Germany, flea market. The tooling was (at the end of the 1980’s) lend to the Volkswagen Wolfsburg Museum, Germany, which restored the tool and plans were made to produce a limited edition model. This model would have been sold through the museum store. The project however was never completed, because the model builder (an employee mr. Dart (?)from the VW factory who did this in his spare time) passed away and the molds were lost. A limited amount of prototypes (5-8?) were produced from Resin. No production models were ever produced. This model came with a chassis, closed windows but without interior. (see also UNKNOWN KdF WAGEN VW METAL 02 B and 02 A)



  • Manufacturer: VOLKSWAGENWERKS
  • Scale: 1/16
  • Length: 250mm
  • Production Era: 1988-90
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Resin
  • Color: Blue, metalcolor

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