Major Ivan Hirst ordered in 1946/47 the design of an aluminum promotional gift for visitors and valued workers at the VW factory. They used aluminum because there was no shortage of scrap aluminum from dismantled airplanes. The very first model was disapproved by major Hirst (see also VOLKSWAGENWERK SPLIT VW V0). Thereafter they produced this well known post war VW promotional car.  

One piece cast aluminum body (weight = 200 grams - hollow inside) with solid windows and good details. No chassis or bumpers and wheels are part of the body casting. Made by the VW factory workers and were used for special presentations. Some mounted on wood bases given as a presentation gift. These wooden baseplates were (no exception) bought by VW from the German company of OBO and were made of synthetic resin densified wood. A second, extremly rare, version was also made: with rolling wheels (see VOLKSWAGENWERK SPLIT VW V2).

Just to note: Reproductions were made by the VW Automuseum and Bill Dierickx (Wolfsburg Warehouse).

  • Manufacturer: VW MOTOR WERKS
  • Scale: 1/34
  • Length: 120mm
  • Production Era: 1946-52
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Cast Aluminum
  • Color: Various

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