JYESA ( Juguetes y Estuches SA) was founded in 1936 in Ibi Alicante, Spain, by Manuel Pico, an ex-employee of Hermanos Payá. They used the brandnames JYE or JYESA. Initially they produced tin toys, but in the early 1950's they transformed into producing injection mould plastic toys.   

The plastic body on this VW Bus is very detailed to represent the 1955 to 1958 model year as indicated by the ribbed bumpers. A Kombi, Panel Van and Pickup versions were produced in the 1950s. The tin chassis, with a friction motor, attaches to the body. Rubber tires with metal rims. Seldom found in good condition as the plastic body gets easily broken. JYESA also produced a white panel Bus with a Red Cross theme. The wheels of the last panel Bus with a Red Cross theme on the site (possibly first release) are a bit different from the other shown (possibly later release). 

  • Manufacturer: JYESA
  • Scale: 1/23
  • Length: 180mm
  • Production Era: 1950s
  • Country: Spain
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Color: Green/White, Blue/White, Red/White, White, Red

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