A VW Bus that is made of tin lithograph and is basically a licensed copy of the German GÖSO VW Bus model. This VW Bus was produced by LAMO ( Larsen og Mortensen ), Stavanger, Norway in 1956.

After WWII there were very strict import regulations in Norway (1945-1960). The country was poor and you were not normally allowed to export currency. The only exception was if imported goods could provide production in Norway. So, LAMO and LEGO toys were partly imported in an unfinished condition and then finished in Norway. Some of the parts were made in Norway and some were painted in Norway.

The LAMO VW Busses were produced in two types, a Single Cab and a Panel Van Bus. They have nice body details with colorful lithograph artwork and designs. The Panel Van had only one large door on the side that opened, probably to save manufacturing costs. The Single Cab model had the bed sides that folded down.  All the VW Busses are “barn door” style representing a pre-1955 era despite being produced in 1956. The Panel Van Bus came with either with a friction motor or key wound clockwork motor with rubber tires and plastic hubcaps. Both VW Busses had a tin stamped chassis, painted black, with front wheel steering. The Panel Van Bus had a license plate of K-30412 and the Single Cab had A-20414. The Single Cab only came with only a friction motor.

Since the production was only in 1956 for the LAMO VW Busses, they are seldom found and are highly collectable.

On the box it is printed Lamo Leketøyfabrikk (LAMO LEKER) 

  • Manufacturer: LAMO LEKER
  • Scale: 1/24
  • Length: 173mm
  • Production Era: 1956
  • Country: Norway
  • Materials: Tin Lithograph
  • Color: Red/Yellow, Blue

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