METALMA was the toy Company name under the parent Company of Metallurgical Matarazzo (MM) South America.  MM specialized in the production of metal packaging, canning products and even beer cans, but METALMA produced a wide range of tin toys including Volkswagen models. 

The METALMA Volkswagen Bus toy was produced in five versions. A Fire Bus, Ambulance, Police Bus and a Kombi Bus model that was either red/white or green/white.  No records have been found to establish exactly how many VW bus toys were produced, but it is certain that they were only produced for a short period around 1967 - 1968. 

Details common to all versions: 15 window Kombis with friction rear wheel drive.  They also have “export” over rider bumpers, chrome headlight doors and a chrome “W” logo in front. The front signals and rear tail lights are small glass blisters and the license plates on all versions read “33-21-33”.  The only exception to this is the Marcas Famosas with license plates reading “Kombi 1967”.  Three piece tin pressings with stamped door seams, engine louvers, gas door, door handles and closed sunroof.  Wheels are rubber with stamped tin hubcaps having the “W” logo, as well as ventilation slots.  All versions also have a separate chromed windshield and vent window surround.

Kombi details; Chromed bumpers, very light green on top with a dark green lower half and a silver beltline indicating deluxe trim.  This is also the only version with silver lithographed exterior door handles.  The interior consists of one piece of time formed into three rows of bench seats in striped green and white plus a dash panel.  Mine is missing the plastic steering wheel as well as the plastic film windows.

Police Bus details; Charcoal grey colored bumpers, white over black paint, red light on the front roof.  The interior seems to be the same lithographed panel used in the Kombi, but flat behind the front seat.  This one is complete with steering wheel and full green tinted window film all around except for the empty vent windows.  Side graphics include “R.P. – 25” on the cab doors, the sides and roof have a multi colored logo with an eagle, shield and wreath with the letters “R P” and “POLICIA”.  I believe the RP is for Radio Patrol.  The roof and rear hatch are also marked “POLICIA”, again with the METALMA logo.

Fire Bus details; Off white bumpers and a full red body.  Interior is similar to the Ambulance version, that is no lithograph from the front seat back.  White plastic steering wheel and full green tinted windows.  The sides have a fire logo consisting of three hoses, a helmet and two axes, with the letters “Forca Publica”.  The roof has a red light, the lettering “Corpo De Bombeiros” and the number 584 towards the back.  The rear hatch is marked “Bombeiros” over the METALMA logo.

Ambulance Bus details; Red light on the roof.  Interior consists of a dashboard with plastic steering wheel and a striped tin lithograph front bench seat.  The rear interior is just a blank tin panel from front seat to the back of the bus.  Front windshields are green tinted clear plastic film.  The remaining windows are a frosted plastic film – including the driver and passenger door windows! Chrome bumpers.  Front cab doors have the number “39”, side graphics read, “Pronto Socorro Municipal” With a Red Cross and “Ambulancia”.  The rear grahpics list “Ambulancia” as well as the manufacturer’s name “METALMA (MM)” and “Industria Brasileira”

Marcas Famosa Bus details; Same as the Kombi Deluxe except for the full beige exterior color and the Volkswagen dealership logos on the sides and roof.  MF with three stars for “Marcas Famosa S. A.”.  As previously mentioned this was a tenth anniversary model for the dealership and consequently has the license plates marked “Kombi 1967”.

  • Manufacturer: METALMA
  • Scale: 1/20
  • Length: 210mm
  • Production Era: 1967-1968
  • Country: Brazil
  • Materials: Tin Plate
  • Color: Ivory, Red, White, Green/White

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