In 1953, the Lehrmittelinstitut (LI) in Wilhelmshafen, Germany, issued the first papercraft models, later known as “Wilhelmshafener Modellbaubögen". Their models were sold by the Möwe Verlag and the Jade Verlag. They mainly focused on ships, but also produced other models. After the Lehrmittelinstitut was closed, the models were continued by the Jade Verlag and the Möwe Verlag. The latter still sells reprints of these models.

In 1956, Möwe Verlag released 2 cardboard VW Buses, one a Samba and the other a Pick Up. They were 1/20 scale and required a higher skill level to cut out all the cardboard pieces and assemble all the parts. These models were commissioned by the VW factory. The Lehrmittelinstitut also issued a newsletter and in one of their newsletters (see picture) the VW Samba Bus is featured.

  • Manufacturer: MÖWE VERLAG
  • Scale: 1/20
  • Length: 200 mm
  • Production Era: 1956-57
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Cardboard Paper
  • Color: Various Colors

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