In the former East German town of Brandenburg, the first toy producers started already in the 1880‘s.  Until 1945 the town inhabited several toy companies, among which the Patentwerk Ernst Paul Lehmann,  Lineol, Gundka, Oro, Ger-Ton and Brennabor. In 1948 the Lehmann Company and Lineol were expropriated and continued under the name VEB Spielwarenwerk Patent-Lineol. On January 1, 1955 the Gundka company was added. After the production of Lineol was moved to Dresden, in September 1956, a new company name was established: VEB Mechanische Spielwaren Brandenburg (MSB). In the 1950’s, they produced many different mechanical toy vehicles and figurines. The company closed down on December 31, 1991.

This metal toy vehicle construction set was produced by MSB ( Mechanische Spielwaren Brandenburg VEB) from 1956-57. It is believed to be a Volkswagen Bus but it is very questionable, although it is listed in collector catalogues (non vintage) as VW. The front section with the downward curves only goes half ways towards the front bumper. Hopefully some vintage literature may surface especially from MSB, such as a toy catalog, indicating what the vehicle actually is. The MSB kit is similar to the German DUX VW set a removable top section to create either a VW Kombi or Pickup. It was up to the young mechanics choice if they would like to assemble a VW Pickup rather than a VW Panel Van. The different tops that were included into the kit fitted the single lower section to produce the variations. The stamped out tin body pieces had cut out windows with metal headlights and front and rear bumpers finish off the details.

The lower body section had a metal chassis equipped with a key wound clockwerk motor and rubber tires. The kit also included a key, screwdriver and had a kit number of No.518 that was printed on the very colorful box cover.

  • Scale: 1/35
  • Length: 120mm
  • Production Era: 1956--57
  • Country: Former East Germany
  • Materials: Tin Plate
  • Color: Blue/Cream, Red/Cream, Green/Cream

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