TAIYO of Japan (actually TAIYO KOGYO but TAIYO is preferred) made in the 1960s a set of tin plate VW Busses with a length of 227 mm. These are affectionately referred to as the TAIYO stretch buses because the length of the VW tin Bus is out of proportion. All eight lithograph versions are the same Kastenwagen or VW Panel Van with additional side windows stamped but not cut out. The tin body consists of four main pieces; the top and sides are one, front panel and rear panel and one piece chassis. All are rear wheel drive friction motor with rubber tires, metal axles and various tin hub caps. The two TV versions have a roof camera that rotates when the motor turns. One piece tin interior with plastic steering wheel and the TAIYO logo behind the front seat. The windshields all have various colored plastic window inserts.

  • Manufacturer: TAIYO
  • Scale: 1/18
  • Length: 227mm
  • Production Era: 1960s
  • Country: Japan
  • Materials: Tin Plate
  • Color: Various Colors & Lithographed Designs

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