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Vintage Cabrio Toys

Vintage Cabrio Toys (70)

If you want to see our Cabrio Volkswagen toys, please choose one of the manufacturers from the drop list on the right. Below you can read more about our main contributor on this section.


Greetings fellow Volkswagen toy collectors,   

cabrio desc 1Let me introduce myself. I'm Rick Search and I live in the USA. I like to collect all types of vintage VW toys and VW related items. However, my true collecting passion is the VW Beetle Cabrio (convertible) Toys starting with the early German tin of the 40's through the classic Japanese tin of the mid 60's. 

My interest in Volkswagens started with the purchase of a new 1965 Beetle Sedan in the Fall of 1964. That '65 took me through the rest of high school and my college years. In 1969 I married the girl of my dreams and along with the marriage came her new '69 Beetle. We sold the '65 to my sister and used the money to pay for a month long coast to coast honeymoon tour of the USA in the new '69. The '69 stayed with us for several years and brought two sons home from the hospital as our family grew.   

In 1991 after a period of about 10 years with no Volkswagens in my life, my younger son purchased a 1973 Beetle as his first car. I drove it home for him the day we bought it. By the time I made the 20 mile trip back to our house, I was hooked again. This time for good.   

cabrio desc 2In 1992 I purchased a 1968 Beetle Cabrio from the original owner and 1997 I added a 1962 Beetle Cabrio to my 1:1 scale collection. During this time I had been an avid toy train collector, putting together a fairly good sized collection of Postwar Lionel trains. So, with my renewed interest in VW's and being a mentally confirmed toy collector, it only seemed natural that I start collecting VW toys that looked like my real cars (at least that what I told the aforementioned girl of my dreams). Initially, I bought everything and anything new that came out in a Beetle Cabrio version. Then, at a VW show in the mid 90's, toy dealer and collector Frank Konisky sold me a nice vintage maroon colored Toy Numora Cabrio from the mid 50's. It didn't take me long to realize that everything I had already collected paled in comparison to this beautiful vintage toy.   

So, I stopped buying anything new and for the past (almost) twenty years have been in pursuit of vintage VW Cabrio toys. Over the years I have managed to put together a nice collection. But, I'm still missing a few of them and there are always new ones out there to be discovered. That unknown is what keeps the thrill alive.  

I have been asked what I like most about my hobby. I know this is going to sound like a tired cliché, but it is truly the people I have met and the friends I have made. Whether it's jump in your beetle and drive to a VW show to hang out with a buddy or jump on a plane and fly to another country to hang out with a fellow collector, they are all great people to be with.   

Thank you Bob and Jozsi for the opportunity to share my collection and information I have gathered over the years about Vintage Volkswagen Cabrio toys. I look forward to a continued learning experience as fellow collectors from around the world contribute their knowledge to this exciting web site.  

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