Georg KELLERMANN founded his own Company in 1910 in Nürnberg, Germany. He learned the trade at the Company of Karl Bub and later at Distler. In the early years he focused on penny toys: cars, small train sets, fire cars and figurines. Only in 1920, the brand name and trade mark CKO was established. Up until the war, KELLERMANN exported a large part of his production to the USA and England, especially the more elaborate toys. The penny toys were sold in Germany through wholesalers and large department stores, like Hertie or Karstadt. Starting from 1935, most toys were military toys, like tanks, soldiers on motor bikes, planes and war ships, etc. During WWII, many toy Companies were closed by the regime or were expropriated or were forced the produce for warfare. KELLERMANN was forced to produce for warfare starting as of 1942. In 1946, the Company had to be rebuilt, because it was destroyed and plundered. Many dies were stolen. Some molds/dies still existed, which allowed KELERMANN to produce some war time era toys until the mid-1950’s. This happened with the KdF Wagen as well! KELLERMANN did not change into producing plastic toys and as a consequence, the sales went down and the competition against plastic made the Company lose revenue. Staring from the 1970’s the competition from Japan and Asia became really big and in 1978 the Company closed down.

Three-piece lithographed tinplate body with solid windows that very nicely depicts a German ADLER car of the time. A lever under the base plate rotates the top to transfer the model from a Sedan into an open Cabriolet with lithographed tinplate seats, dashboard, steering wheel and separate driver (white or brown). Tin plate chassis with metal wheels, steering and clockwork motor with keyhole at rear. License plate registration number K-358 on rear license plate.

In the 1950s, a USA Chevrolet dealer gave out ash trays with the design of this CKO as an advertisement.

During this same time period, CKO used the same tooling as the KdF Wagen IA-359 used and produced this car with a different lithograph design that represents the German ADLER Car. This design was a red or green colored body, black roof, large front hood grille, split windshield and a rear trunk with trim.

This German ADLER CKO K-358 is often called and sold as a Split Window Volkswagen, which it is not.

Just to note:  There is a CKO K-358 version that has the red or green colored body, black roof, split windshield and a rear trunk with trim. Interestingly enough, it does have the VW style front hood (no grille) with a VW emblem. Seldom Found.

  • Manufacturer: CKO KELLERMANN
  • Scale: 1/25
  • Length: 160mm
  • Production Era: 1938-1952
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Tin Plate Lithograph
  • Color: Green, Red

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