This version of the JGES MEIN KdF WAGEN featured the Cabrio and Rollback models with several types of trailers. There were a large and small camping trailer, cargo trailer and a boat trailer as well. The black KdF Wagen Cabrio had a large black trailer and the yellow-cream Cabrio had the large camping trailer.

A similar set included 2 dark brown Kdf Wagen Sedans with only 1 having a tow hook. Also a black KdF Wagen Sedan and a Cabrio both with a tow hook. This set also included a cargo trailer, both large and small camping trailers and a boat trailer.

The box cover (with 1938) was printed Bubi sein Besuch in der Patentspielwarenfabrik or Boy visits the Patent Toy Company.

For further detailed information on the JGES KdF WAGENS in general, please refer to the main JGES MEIN KdF WAGEN VW on this site.

  • Manufacturer: JGES KdF CABRIO
  • Scale: 1/75
  • Length: 54mm
  • Production Era: 1938-1940
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Phoenplast (Bakelite)
  • Color: Yellow-Cream, Black

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