Rick Search, a Vintage VW Convertible enthusiast, refer to the Cabrio Toys (CB) section on this site, asked me for the possibility of creating a special VW Cabrio coin bank. Rick would be able to acquire two of the 1950s era German Geobra banks (spardose) from an eBay auction. The Max and Moritz banks are commonly found and would be perfect for the projects. Rick had some ideas about some VW Cabrio graphics that were used during the early 1950s and I would modify and make those graphics useable for the bank project. After we finalized the designs, the banks were taken apart and the center tin section was painted ivory. The outside blue section would be left alone as they had a little patina on them and when all put together, would make the banks look a little older and original looking. Decals were made, applied and clear paint coated to set the decals in place. So, the project was completed and have a look at the photos to see the before and after results.

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