Johann Höfler, a German toy maker, produced a nice tin plate VW Cabrio that has a colorful, top down, lithographed body design without wheel wells. The design appears to be of a two seater Cabrio and is similar to the Hebmüller VW Type 14A but the details reflect more of a Karmann VW Type 15A of the time period. The tin VW was 1/29 scale or 140mm in length. The body has an attached tin windshield frame with wind wings. The tin chassis has a friction motor with rubber tires. License plate is H-2003 and MADE IN WESTERN GERMANY is printed above the rear license plate. The body and chassis are attached with a crimp what goes all around the toy car. This VW Cabrio was part of a six car set that sold in Germany in the mid 1950s. The six car set was later produced in France in the 1960s, by WAMOO (Walther & Moheng), without a friction motor and the MADE IN WESTERN GERMANY lettering removed.

A Höfler VW Cabrio was acquired that was in need of repair with a lot of surface rust on the lithograph design and some dents here and there. The chassis crimp was carefully opened around the entire car. Now the chassis and body were separated and it was then decided to create the Höfler VW that would resemble the Hebmüller VW Type 14A Cabrio. Part of the Restor-Version Shop process would also be doing a custom paint and decal theme. Also, using some various trim and details items from scraped parts cars to take the Cabrio to the next level. The body would have drill holes, worked over with pin files, to be able to secure all the added detail parts. After the Cabrio body was painted a two-tone red/ivory and all the added detail items installed, the chassis was crimped back together to the body. The body was then masked off with tape and aluminum foil and the chassis painted black. The final step was to then install the axles and wheels. Take a look at the photos to see the details of the HÖFLER HEBMÜLLER VW TYPE 14A CABRIO - CIRCA 1949.

Also, for more information on the Johann Höfler and also the French 1960s WAMOO (Walther & Moheng) VW Cabrios, refer to this link also on the site.


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