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BANDAI of Japan produced many tin plate Volkswagens in their product line. A very large 1/10 scale (370mm in length) VW Sedan from the 1960s era was one of them. It was a sunroof with all kinds of metal trim, headlights, taillights and an opening sunroof. It was battery operated with a Bump-N-Go electric motor and lighted headlights. There was a nice lithographed interior and a clear plastic engine lid to view a detailed engine compartment. Truly a very nice example of a tin Volkswagen Sedan.

From time to time you can find these BANDAI VW Sedans at a reasonable price because of their not so desirable condition and a perfect candidate for the Restor-Version shop. Here are photos of a few of the BANDAI Sedans that have been driven through the shop for a new look as a top down VW Convertible model.

The BANDAI large scale VW Sedan is taken apart by removing the body from the chassis. All of the parts are removed from the body and will be cleaned and polished for later assembly.  The chassis is cleaned and repaired as needed.  The body is then marked to have the top section removed to create a Convertible style body. The roof section is cut out and filed into the proper shape. The body is then sandblasted, cleaned and primer coated.

A folded down top section is then fabricated using balsa wood strips glued together for a proper thickness. The wood section is then cut out and formed into a top down shape with cover. The wood section is sanded smooth and then painted with Super Glue. The Super Glue soaks into the balsa wood giving it a hard surface and also a texture looking like cloth fabric after being painted. The wood section will later be attached to the body using epoxy resin.

The body is then painted a single color or a multi-colored theme. If multi-colored, then several masking and painting stages are performed. Of course, if decals are required then they are made using a graphics program and decal paper printed from a color laser printer. The folded down top is attached to the body.

During this process of working on the chassis and body, all of those little body parts are cleaned and polished. The hubcaps are also repainted to match the body colors that were selected. Now the cleaned up chassis and finished body are all put back together. The BANDAI VW Convertible rolls out of the Restor-Version shop all bright and shiny. Please have a look at the photos to see the start to finish process.

Just to note, a total of 20 BANDAI VW Sedans have been converted to BANDAI VW Convertibles.

Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: BANDAI
  • Scale: 1/10
  • Length: 375mm
  • Production Era: 1960s
  • Country: Japan
  • Materials: Tin Plate
  • Color: Various Colors and Themes
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