The firm of Peter Koch Modellwerk G.m.b.H., based in Köln-Nippes, Germany, was commissioned to produce some models of the post-war split window beetle as they also had made the pre-war KdF presentation models. The firm of Peter Koch was a very established and famous model making firm for shipping models, educational purposes and for the car industry. In the early war years, approximately 40-50 prisoners of war were kept at their premises who were forced to work for them. 

These models were initially meant to express appreciation to Major Hirst and Colonel Radclyffe for their part in reviving Volkswagen after the war. Later a third model was commissioned by Heinz Nordhoff and a 4th model has surfaced recently. This last model is a mystery as it was formerly unknown. It is in the possession of a German family already since the early fifties.

This very detailed 1:10 scale KOCH VW model was ordered by Heinz Nordhoff (for himself) and was painted in the VW factory color of L11 pastel green. This model is currently owned by Porsche AG in Zuffenhausen, Germany. lt appears very similar to the L11 pastel green color of the Hirst model, but has a license plate with V over W and the year 1939. The characteristics of the model are identical to the Radclyffe and Hirst Beetles and thus are those of a 1949. The 1939 dated license plate has been added at the time the model was restored after reportedly being damaged, by a tourist, when on display and when it fell from a presentation table, during a photo session. Please refer to the KOCH - MAJOR HIRST SPLIT VW MODEL V2 on this site for additional information.

  • Manufacturer: KOCH
  • Scale: 1/10
  • Length: 405mm
  • Production Era: 1949
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Copper Plate
  • Color: Pastel Green

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