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Message of the moment

We have now started a BUY and SELL feature of vintage Volkswagen models on the site.

It is listed under the FORUM tab and you need to be logged in in order to communicate with the seller of the toys. When you are logged in and you are on the Forum, you see all the for sale ads. When you are interested in one or more of the items, you need to contact the seller directly (you see a Private Messages link in the top right corner.

Please NOTE: we are not involved in any transaction.... it is between you and the seller. We invite you to share with us the experiences you have as a buyer and a seller.... In case you have any doubts, share them with us! You may consider to use a PAYPAL account to pay. 

Shortly we will list more for sale items and we invite you all to also list for sale items too!   

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Rarest of the Rare

These VWs are really hard to find but still obtainable


In 1903 the Company GEORG FISCHER was founded. They mainly produced small toys and cars with and without clockwork motor. Ceased to exist in 1958. The tin plate, dark blue body featured a detailed li...


Let us know if you have information on these VWs


Plastic body with cut out windows and fair details of front and rear hood and door seams. Rear oval window is solid with 7 or 13 air louvers. No chassis and the black plastic axles and wheels are atta...

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