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Vintage VW Restor-Version Toys

Vintage VW Restor-Version Toys (70)

If you want to see our Vintage VW Restor-Version toys, please choose one of the manufacturers from the drop list on the right. Below you can read more about history of Vintage VW Restor-Version toys.

History of the Vintage Volkswagen Restor-Version Toys.

It is always nice to find these collectible VWs in pristine or mint condition with the box but that does not happen too often. Lots of the time they are found in played with condition but are still very nice to be displayed in a collection. Sometimes they surface from the pits all scratched up, dented and in rusty condition. They are usually missing a part or two and although some what collectible, they are not desirable for a display collection. So collectors pass them up because of their poor and beat up condition. These “diamond in the rough” VWs might be able to be restored and repainted to a new look condition, and who is going to do it? If they are restored, now the collectors pass them up because they are not in original condition. Oh come on, It is just like a Catch 22 situation.

I like to acquire them at a reasonable price and not only restore them but take them to the next level and finish them in a special or conversion theme. The theme is fantasy or fictitious, as the toy was never produced this way from the manufacturer. These are what I call Vintage Restor-Version VWs and the cars have a charm and character in their own way. Bringing back the life in them also ends up being a labor of love as well figuring out all the hours and processes involved from start to finish. There are many ideas you can think of to make a Restor-Version VWs by painting the body a special color or two-tone theme and even painting a sun roof on the top.  As far as decals go, if you are handy on the computer, you can design and print them on special decal paper on your color printer.

Please take a look at some of the all scratched up, dented, in rusty condition and missing a part or two Vintage VWs that have taken a new life journey through my Restor-Version Shop. Thanks

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