The German firm W. KOPPERSCHMIDT & SÖHNE, Hamburg, maker of Plexiglas parts for airplane and automobile windows were interested in making a 1/7 scale (600mm in length) Plexiglas KdF Wagen to be displayed at the 1939 Berlin Auto Show.

In the enclosed picture you see the completed Plexiglas KdF Wagen to be displayed at the 1939 Berlin Auto Show.

Another picture shows a Gehzuvor Letter: This is a letter dated December 5, 1938, to the "Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens" (=GEHZUVOR: association for the preparations for the German Volkswagen). In this letter, W. KOPPERSCHMIDT & SÖHNE requests detailed drawings of the KdF Wagen in order to be able to make an accurate scale model of the KdF Wagen in Plexiglas. They also say the dimensions of the KdF Wagen in the brochures are not accurate enough and therefore they need detailed pictures. The idea was to use two colors of Plexiglas for the KdF Wagen model.

A second letter shows a letter from VOLKSWAGENWERK to PORSCHE: one can read that the GEHZUVOR association sends the information of the firm W. KOPPERSCHMIDT & SÖHNE with its request to the Porsche Company on December 7, 1938. The idea is that Porsche sends detailed drawings to W. KOPPERSCHMIDT & SÖHNE.

The model indeed was produced and displayed at the 1939 Berlin Auto Show. It is not known, even to the heirs of W. KOPPERSCHMIDT & SÖHNE, what ever happened to the Plexiglas KdF Wagen model thereafter. Possibly it was destroyed at the end of the war when the production facilities were bombed and destroyed. Remember, they produced for warfare!

W. KOPPERSCHMIDT & SÖHNE Production Photos: In one of the production photos taken at the W. KOPPERSCHMIDT & SÖHNE factory, one can see that people are working on the Plexiglas parts for the Plexiglas KdF Wagen. In the background on the wall, you can see a picture of the former Reichschancellor.

  • Manufacturer: KOPPERSCHMIDT & SÖHNE
  • Scale: 1/7
  • Length: 600mm
  • Production Era: 1938-39
  • Country: Germany
  • Materials: Plexiglas
  • Color: Clear

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